Art Gallery of NSW


I have been to visit the Art Gallery of NSW on last Friday. Most of the painting exhibited there are excellent and left in me a strong impression. Especially,the picture was painted by Eugene Von Guérard namely Milford Sound is my the most favorite picture. It is a sublime landscape in New Zealand. The artist used skillfully materials and colors make the picture become to be lively. This helps viewers feel like they are standing front of the spectacular flord.

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  • 3 things that you enjoy doing:

–  I enjoy watching films, drinking coffee and playing games in my phone.

  • 3 people that are important to you:

–  My parents and my girlfriend are people that are important to me.

  • 3 places that you’ve been to / would like to go to:

–  I have been to Singapore, Hochiminh city. I would like to comeback Quang Ngai town to visit my family.

  • 3 things you did last weekend:

– Last weekend, I watched Game Of Throne,a famous film. I cleaned my room and I went shopping with my girlfriend.

  • 3 things you own which are important to you:

–  My laptop, my phone, my ipad are important things to me.

  • 3 items of clothing that you like – what is their ‘history’?

– My jeans that my mother bought to me before I came Australia, my sweater  that my girlfriend bought to me when I just came Australia, my shirt that my girlfriend gave me on my birthday.

  •  3 films / books / TV programmes that you like, and why you like them:

–  I like Harry Potter – a famous book , Game of Thrones is the movie I like the most. When I was in my country, I like the ” Face to the life”- the TV program about the poor people in my country.

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information about me

My name is Khoa, I come from Vietnam. I am 27 years old.

I come to Sydney to do a  Bachelor of Interior Design at Billy Blue Design College.



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