• 3 things that you enjoy doing:

–  I enjoy watching films, drinking coffee and playing games in my phone.

  • 3 people that are important to you:

–  My parents and my girlfriend are people that are important to me.

  • 3 places that you’ve been to / would like to go to:

–  I have been to Singapore, Hochiminh city. I would like to comeback Quang Ngai town to visit my family.

  • 3 things you did last weekend:

– Last weekend, I watched Game Of Throne,a famous film. I cleaned my room and I went shopping with my girlfriend.

  • 3 things you own which are important to you:

–  My laptop, my phone, my ipad are important things to me.

  • 3 items of clothing that you like – what is their ‘history’?

– My jeans that my mother bought to me before I came Australia, my sweater  that my girlfriend bought to me when I just came Australia, my shirt that my girlfriend gave me on my birthday.

  •  3 films / books / TV programmes that you like, and why you like them:

–  I like Harry Potter – a famous book , Game of Thrones is the movie I like the most. When I was in my country, I like the ” Face to the life”- the TV program about the poor people in my country.


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