Describe an art work


The above art work uses groups of short curving lines. They repeated continuously to create a rhythm that made viewer to have a feeling of organized movement. Main colours of this art work are black, brown and orange with different values. I am able to feel a soft texture from this canvas. Looking at this picture, the first things i think about is a fur from an animal (it could be of a kangaroo or wolves). On the other hand, may be it can mention to leaves that aboriginal people often use to make medicine.

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  1. The above picture used simple and thick lines to create focal points. It had balance from using symmetry element. Shapes are quite simple with geometric and angular. It used vibrant colours to make exciting for viewer.
  2. The above picture makes me feel dynamism and strong of women. It stimulates imagines and creativity. It is used for graphic magazines to explain more
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A small space in my school.


The above exhibition space is set as a working place of an young designer in an apartment. The layout of this room is arranged quite balance. The L-shaped tables (which make me think to rulers that designers often use) and the red chairs (which I imagine they are) are ordered in a ladder. The pots hang around a window and some other items make harmony for design. In facade, the vertical lines and the rectangle shapes, which scale together, create stability. The main color of this room is warm colors with other tones of yellow. Besides, background uses cool colors with green of pots and blue in outside. All those things make the red chairs to be prominent. The Room is filled full with natural light and there is contact with nature. That helps user feel relaxed and concentrated more. The main idea of this room is designing to close to nature through using material, details and open spaces. It is similar to my personality because I like placidity things that come from nature.

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Summarize how paper is made


To begin, the trees is removed the bark before they are gone through a chipper to be cut into smaller rough pieces with the same size. After that, the chips are located into a digester until completed elimination of lignin. The next step, the wood pulp is moved into the washer to clean and to bleach. Then, it is further refined the fibers and to be cut to a certain length by a beater. To ensure that it can easily pass through a head box, screens are used to remove oversized particles from the pulp. In the next stage, when the pulp enters the paper machine,there are 4 separate sections which are ordered to move in a conveyor belt made of fabric. Firstly, the former helps the pulp to turn into a continuous piece. Secondly, large rollers make the pulp to be squeezed under high pressure to extract as much water as possible. Next, the pulp is removed even more water by the dryers. The last section, calenders smooth the paper. The end of process, a reel collects the paper into a user-friendly roll.

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Biography of Ah Leon ( Chen Ching-Liang )

ah-leon-working1jpg-638f40043d874b32  02bp-026Ah-Leon

Ah Leon (Chen Ching-Liang) was born in 1953 in Pingtung, Taiwan. The artist comes from a farming family. He passed his exams to enter the National Taiwan Academy of Art in 1978 and graduated in 1982.

Ah Leon is not only attracted by the tradition of making teapot 500 year-old of China but also impress with the Western ceramists’ freedom. This led him to combine both in creating the valuable sculptures. The first time, the artist succeed in using clay to create ceramic tea pots. Then, he used unglazed pottery which look like aged wood to make pure sculpture. Because of the memories of the childhood, he started to make The desk and chair in Memories of Elementary School (2010) which took him 4 years to complete.

I really like how he uses clay to recreate the wood texture. They look very impressive.

More arts of Ah Leon at here

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Describe some pictures


The picture above uses delicate,flowing and colorful  lines.


This is a bathroom design which uses dark and light elements in contrasting details. This  helps this room become lively.


The rough floor in a bathroom makes it safer.


The picture above uses the geometric elements to make an artwork creative.


Looking at this picture, we can see delicateness thanks to the flowing lines of decorating on the wall.


That is a monumental artwork. It is an exciting idea to help people reduce stress.


The strong contrast of shapes and vibrant colours create an exciting living space .

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Compare 2 building


The first impression about 2 picture above is confines. Because designing for the restaurant, both designers focus on making space to be warm. Therefore, warm colors are used as the main colors. However,there are many differences between 2 pictures. Firstly, it is easy to recognize that the designed style is different. While the first restaurant used polygons for the tables and decorations on the walls, the second restaurant prefer rectangle shape for details. The next difference is the designer used main material is wood with smooth and hard surface for the first restaurant. On the other hand, materials for the second restaurant are more variety such as wood table and soft surface for chair. Lastly, the first designing look forward to make strong impression for the customer. The second designing make customers to feel harmony and more comfortable.

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